The surface specialist.

Highest precision with maximum dynamic range.

Heynuform series basics
  • Modular concept
  • Thermosymmetrical design in all precision determining assemblies
  • Designed as high gantry with overhead guides
  • Thermally stable due to intelligent cooling management
  • Quick head, spindle and tool change system
  • Integratable turntables
  • Expandable to system compound (FFS)
Heynuform performance data
  • Simultaneous high-speed machining in 3 to 5 axes
  • Y-axis up to 4.500mm
  • X-axis up to 20.000mm
  • Z-axis up to 1.600mm
  • C-axis endless turning
  • Power S1 up to 38 kW
  • Torques S1 up to 1400Nm
  • Speed up to 80.000 revolutions / min
  • Control system:
    Heidenhain iTNC 7
    Siemens Sinumerik ONE