The versatile one.

Solid 5-axis technology of the highest quality.

Heynumill series basics
  • Most robust and stable machine in this performance class
  • Fast and precise machining with small space requirement
  • Complete machining of medium and large workpieces made of steel, cast iron, aluminum and multi-component
  • Portal passageway up to 4,000 x 3,000 mm
  • Integrated rotary tables up to Ø 3,000 mm
  • Large selection of standard milling heads
  • Automatic milling head change
Heynumill series performance data
  • Simultaneous machining in 3-5 axes
  • Workpiece weights up to 80 t
  • Y- axis up to 4.500mm
  • X- axis 4.000mm to 20.000 mm
  • Z- axis up to 1.500mm
  • C- axis endless turning
  • W-axis (optional)
  • Main drive data:
    Spindle power S1 37 to 80 kW
    Torques S1 up to 1380 - 3000 Nm
    Speed up to 6.000 revolutions / min
  • Motor spindles:
    Speed up to 24.000 revolutions / min
    Special spindles on request
  • Control system:
    Heidenhain iTNC 7
    Siemens Sinumerik ONE