Precision. Stability. Durability.

Heyligenstaedt’s machines are built to last (almost) forever. Nevertheless, a day will come when it is time to think about a general overhaul and modernization. Retrofitting is often a cost friendly alternative to buying a new machine. Energy efficiency and production quality can be increased, and at the same time, time-consuming and cost intensive retraining is no longer necessary.

Depending on machine type and condition, we offer a variety of solutions for Heyligenstaedt, Ravensburg und Kolb machines. Let our experts advise you and together we can develop a customized concept to give your production a new momentum.

Retrofit for Heyligenstaedt, Ravensburg und Kolb Machines
  • Electrical modernization and switchboard construction
  • CNC modernization and software adaption
  • Exchange or modification of mechanical components such as milling heads, steady rests, TWS, and more.
  • Assembly, installation, commissioning